5 Easy Back to School Snacking Ideas


If you’re anything like us, the phrase “back to school” can be a cause for alarm. Crowded stores, hectic mornings, and unwelcome traffic jams are all common pain points of the back to school season; why complicate something as simple as lunch? With that in mind, the staff here at Best Express Foods put together a list of easy to assemble, fuss-free, snack ideas to help ease the transition from summer to fall. 

1. Aussie Bite Parfait

Our first snack solution is as easy as combining ingredients in a bowl or mason jar. Start with the yogurt of your choice, add your favorite fruits and top with crumbled Aussie Bites. For our version, we chose plain greek yogurt to keep the whole thing from becoming too sweet and include an added boost of protein, but there are endless combinations. Experiment with different yogurts, fruits, and toppings—really, any of our snacks will work!

2. Paleo Bite Berry Bowl

Think of this choice as adding creamer to coffee, not always necessary but often welcomed. Exceedingly simple, yet delicious, adding in some mixed berries to your next serving of Paleo Bites is the only step! Although we think this combination is delightful as is, you can add a drizzle of honey or agave syrup if your heart and sweet tooth so desire.

3. Coconut Bite Cuties


If you fancy a more tropical snack to munch on, try pairing some coconut bites with tangerines or oranges. Along with getting a good dose of vitamin C, the tangy zest of oranges goes great with our sweet coconut bites. The best part about this option though, is it requires practically no prep work at all—just toss them in your container of choice and go!

4. Nut Butter Paleo Bars

How about some almond butter on your almond-based snack? Individual packets of a variety of nut butters and spreads are both low-cost and readily available, making them a perfect option for sprucing up your snack game. We love almonds here at Best Express Foods, so naturally we picked out a cinnamon-flavored almond butter to go with our Paleo Bites, but hazelnut, peanut, and cashew butters are all excellent choices too. 

5. Sunrise Energy Bars & cold brew coffee


Sleep deprived, mentally exhausted, barely-hanging-on-to-life-parents: this one's for you. We may have cheated a bit by just throwing coffee at this one, (never a bad move though if you ask us) but our Sunrise Energy Bars and a strong cold brew do go together wonderfully. Because these bars are sweet enough on their own, you can absolutely skip the sugar or syrup in your coffee and make this a low-calorie snack.    

So whether you’re a busy mom in charge of packing the family’s lunches, or a college student in charge of feeding just yourself, we hope you give these snack combinations a try. 

Need some ideas on ways to pack your snacks on the go? Check out our list of recommendations here!

Happy Snacking!

— Best Express Staff

Auzeen Abdi-Mendoza