5 Aussie Bite Transformations to Indulge In


In the past, we’ve mentioned that the Aussie Bite has a hard time fitting a mold in the snack world. Not quite a muffin, a cookie, or a biscuit, the Aussie Bite just sort of is. So we asked ourselves: how versatile can this little snack be? 

Of course we had to get our hands dirty and our bellies full to find out. After a delicious tasting process, we came up with 5 delicious ways to transform our customer favorite Aussie Bites, into a fun, fancy, or flashy snack. 

But first, a word of caution. These are decadent, indulgent treats meant for your next event or weekly cheat meal. They’re the dressed-up, tricked-out version of an otherwise healthy snack. Having said that, we suggest you save them for special occasions. 

Aussie bite cupcakes

The first, and perhaps the most obvious of transformations is easily the Aussie Bite cupcake. The shape and size of this little snack is perfect for piping gorgeous towers of buttercream. Not only do they look absolutely adorable, but are also much easier to put together than the average cupcake. You can completely skip the baking process (leave that to us!) and skip right to the decorating. We used good old fashioned canned frosting for our version, but you can easily cut down on sugar by making your own. Finish by topping with sprinkles, and enjoy. 

Strawberries & cream Aussie Bites

This next transformation is a slightly modified version of a recipe from one of our lovely customers, and although it may look very gourmet, it’s surprisingly easy to put together. We topped our Aussie Bites with whipped cream straight out of the canister, but cool whip or mascarpone cream are also good alternatives. Finish by adding some sliced strawberries, making sure they are thin enough to stay put. Because whipped toppings can be a bit fickle, we recommend eating these immediately after serving. 

Chocolate covered Aussie Bites


Because who doesn’t love chocolate? This transformation really is as simple as dipping Aussie Bites in melted chocolate and topping with sprinkles. Now, the type of chocolate used is entirely up to you, but we prefer a semi-sweet or bittersweet variety—milk chocolate was too sweet and dark chocolate too overpowering. To make this recipe even more eye-catching, try using white chocolate and food coloring to create an Aussie Bite rainbow. 

Aussie Bite sundae


To make an Aussie Bite sundae start off with some good quality vanilla ice cream, add a layer of chocolate fudge, and finish with a cherry on top. Out of all recipes, our staff liked this transformation the best.There’s just something about a rich vanilla bean ice cream that compliments the oat and honey flavors in our Aussie Bites so beautifully. For that reason, and to ensure the Aussie Bite flavors are still able to come through, we recommend sticking with simple ice cream flavors, like vanilla.  

Aussie Bites s’mores

The campfire favorite, upgraded! To make your own, substitute graham crackers for Aussie Bites, pile on mini marshmallows, add your favorite chocolate, and (carefully!) give the whole thing a good blast with a kitchen torch. In a pinch, marshmallow spread can be used in place of miniature marshmallows, but we recommend using a pastry bag and piping tip to achieve smooth results—marshmallow spread is extremely sticky! 

The Aussie Bite is a snack of many hats; it can play cupcake, graham cracker, and waffle cone roles with ease. But at the end of our Aussie Bite dress up experiment, we  rediscovered just why we love them: they’re fearlessly original. 

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So, tell us, how do you dress up your Aussie Bites? Head over to our Instagram and show us what you’ve got! 

— Team BEF