Getting to Know Our Snack Bars


Those who follow our treats closely will know that the Sunrise Energy Bars were the first snack bar Best Express Foods produced. Organic, all natural, and free of artificial sweeteners, these bars were our answer to the dense and sometimes chalky alternatives. But how do they compare to our newest snack addition, the now super popular, Paleo Bars? 

The short answer: 

Our Paleo Bars are grain free, and therefore Paleo certified. (You can read all about Paleo certification in our latest blog post here). Our Sunrise Energy Bars are made using rolled oats, so although they are a great plant-based snack, they just aren’t suited for those following a Paleo diet since oats is a form of grain.


The in depth analysis: 
The most obvious difference comes in the form of shape and size. As shown above, Sunrise Energy bars are both slightly shorter and wider when compared to Paleo Bars, and this all comes as a result of their respective ingredients. Our Sunrise Energy Bars are made using a rolled oat base, making them lighter, airier, and more suited to a less densely packed shape.  On the other hand, Paleo Bars use an organic almond base, no grains, and are tightly packed to hold all ingredients together. Naturally, they have a denser texture. The result from each is a perfectly imperfect fusion of raw ingredients in bar form. 

And then there is the taste....

If these two snacks were coffee (and by the way, they do go great with a good ol’ cup of joe) think of Paleo Bars as a salted caramel latte and Sunrise Energy Bars a classic cinnamon-topped latte. One is nutty, and salty-sweet; the other is richer, sweeter and slightly spicy. Again, ingredients differ. Dried fruits, including cranberries, apples, and raisins contribute to the sweeter taste of Sunrise Energy Bars. Even with the addition of organic sugar, each Sunrise Energy Bar boasts only 8g of sugars per serving (1 bar)—a testament to the fact that not all sugars are evil, especially if they are obtained from natural sources. Meanwhile, Paleo Bars are sweetened using just organic honey, contain no fruits, and hold just 9g of sugars per serving (1 bar). Not too shabby considering the American Heart Association sets daily sugar intake levels at 37.5g for men and 25g for women.

Take your pick:


Maybe you are looking for a lower calorie, pre-gym snack, something that will satisfy your sweet tooth and keep you powered through an afternoon or early morning workout. You don’t care so much about sugars as you do about making sure that what you put in your body is organic, and made of ingredients you can actually pronounce. If this sounds like you, we recommend our Sunrise Energy Bars. They’ll be your loyal gym buddy, help you push through challenging hikes or just be there to grant you the mental clarity to get through the day. 


Or perhaps you pay very close attention to ingredients as opposed to counting calories. The shorter an ingredient list, the better; the more certifications a product holds, the better. You often reach for grain-free, plant-based options to go easy on your system—evidence shows that one of the many benefits to a grain-free diet are reduced inflammation and better digestion. To you, diet is everything and although you try and get in as much exercise as you can, it’s comforting to know you have a healthy snack handy during hectic times. Sound like you? If so, we suggest giving our Paleo Bars a try. Now individually wrapped, and pocket-friendly, these little morsels won’t let you down.

So tell us, which of our organic, plant-based bars do you prefer? Pop over to our Instagram and let us know! 

Happy Snacking! 

— Best Express Staff

Auzeen Abdi-Mendoza