All About Our Organic Paleo Bars + Bites


Fun fact: these paleo certified bites and bars actually began as a customer request! Now months later, they are an integral part of our core product line. 

Fad diets seem to have the ability to spring up and disappear at breakneck speeds—turn too slow and you’ll miss out. The paleo diet however, has been around for years, and so it wasn’t long before the staff at Best Express Foods began getting requests for paleo-diet-friendly-products. 

For those unfamiliar with the paleolithic diet—also known as the “warrior” or “caveman” diet—it consists of eliminating all processed foods, grains and dairy. This premise is based on the notion that our paleolithic ancestors, who did not have access to modern farming techniques and processing methods, lived generally healthier, disease-free lives as a result of their clean eating habits. 

But behind this romanticized version of our primal ancestors frolicking across sunbathed meadows, robust and immune to the threats of modern day illness, the paleo diet is really just a low-carb, high-protein way of eating. Similar to the popular Atkins and Whole30 diets, paleo meal plans and recipes typically focus on the quality of ingredients (grass-fed, organic, whole foods), and pay little attention to calorie counts—eating clean is what really matters! 

With that in mind, we introduced our line of paleo certified bars and bites in January of this year (2019), but only after thoroughly trying and testing recipe after recipe. We knew that most folks who choose to follow the paleo diet are looking to live a healthier, more wholesome life, and that not everyone is looking to turn themselves into a warrior caveman. So we set out to build a bar made of clean ingredients, that would also follow the paleo diet principles without the gimmicky “warrior” marketing. 


Although the Paleo Bites were introduced first, both our Paleo Bars and Bites are made using the same clean, all-organic ingredients. These include: honey, coconut chips, pumpkin seeds, and whole almonds. Organic sea salt and cinnamon are added to bring out rich flavor, while pumpkin protein helps add a nutritional, plant-based boost. The result is a swalty (salty-sweet) treat that goes well with everything from nut butters to coffee. 

All things considered, the paleo bars and bites were designed to solve the paleo snacking difficulties of those adhering to said diet. This was a primary factor in ensuring we attained paleo certification, a process through which all ingredients used in the making of a product are audited and thoroughly vetted to ensure they adhere to the paleo diet standards. That little certification logo is all a fellow paleo-dieter needs to look for when making a product selection!  

Whether on the paleo diet or not, we believe families deserve to have access to snacks with clean, certified organic ingredients, at a reasonable price. Today, the Paleo Bars and Paleo Bites have become two of our most popular products, making our paleo-loving hearts happy and your paleo-loving tummies even happier.

Peace, Love and Paleo,

— Best Express Staff

Carolina Diaz