5 Coffee Blends to Pair With Our Pastries


Here at Best Express Foods, the love for coffee percolates deep. We grind, we brew, and we sip our way through the week, trying a variety of flavors as we go. But the world of coffee can quickly turn technical, and carry along with it an air of pretentiousness that can turn most average drinkers off. We believe, that like our products, good coffee should be for everyone, not just for those that know the proper ratio of espresso to hot milk is 1:3 (don’t worry, we had to Google that).

In that spirit, our staff taste tested a variety of coffees to bring you the best recommendations. Prepare to move from good to great, as we share our favorite ways to enjoy our bites and bars with a good ol’ cup of joe.

A quick, mandatory disclaimer: We are not coffee connoisseurs, instead, we are normal people who one day tasted coffee and fell in love. Our staff is diverse in their coffee preferences; some need cream and sugar, while others take it black. These recommendations are not brand or price tag specific, and can just as easily be applied to coffees found near you. In addition, all of the products mentioned below were purchased by our staff members, and all links below are non-affiliated.

Organic Coconut Bites + Verve coffee


For warm summer mornings we suggest pairing our Organic Coconut Bites with a light, yet lively cold brew. Look for roasts with complimentary flavors like coconut, tropical fruit, or for added richness, chocolate. Our favorite from this category is Verve’s Seabright Blend, which can easily be lightened up with a splash of coconut milk or creamer for those not used to drinking their coffee black.

Petite Cinnamon Rolls + Passenger coffee

Because our Petite Cinnamon Rolls are as sweet as they are cute, we recommend a strong, no-fuss coffee. To keep things from turning cloyingly sweet, seek out medium to dark roasts that still boast nuanced flavors. For those not partial to sweet coffee, enjoy this roast black, otherwise the creamer of choice sans sweetener are enough A good choice is Passenger’s Stowaway blend, which includes notes of browning sugars and cocoa.

Dulce De Leche + Stumptown coffee

For our most delicate—yet rich—treat, we thought it crucial to find a coffee that would balance well in both sweetness and boldness. We recommend medium to dark roasts with caramel and brown sugar notes, as these will complement the existing sweetness in our pastry even when served with milk. We especially liked Stumptown’s Holler Mountain Blend, but found that the staff enjoyed most dark roasts and our Dulce De Leche Delights when paired with half and half.

Organic Biscotti + novo coffee

Made for dipping, this pastry calls for a ripe espresso that will stand up well to milk. Whether you choose our almond or organic variety with dried fruits, look for an espresso with full flavor. Otherwise, you may end up with an overly sweet mouthful and an equally sweet beverage to wash it down. Our pick, Novo Espresso Del Fuego, features notes of toasted caramel and nuts.

Organic Aussie Bites + onyx coffee


To best bring out the layered flavors in our Aussie Bites, we suggest a sweet, yet fruity coffee. The easiest way to find one is to look for roasts that are Honey processed—though we must note that there is no actual honey in this coffee at all—as the results are often both fruity and sweet. Onyx Coffee’s Colombia Aponte Village is an excellent choice, with notes of honey, cherry and fig. This was the easiest for our team to sip without sugar or sweetener, (some folks described it as having an almost “tea like” quality) but it is equally good with the creamer of your choice—just go easy on the sugar or try honey instead!


As a general rule, it is best to both balance and bring out the flavor of the snack you’re enjoying. Look at ingredients, read labels, and think back to what your palate likes best; are you partial to sweets, do you dig the kick of a strong earthy coffee, or are you somewhere in between? Follow your taste buds and you can do no wrong.

Enjoy the tasting process and don’t forget to pick up some of our bites and bars for your next brew by visiting our shop or your local grocery store.

Peace, Love and Coffee Sips,

- Best Express Staff

Carolina Diaz