Our Favorite Nut Butters & Spreads to Pair With Our Snacks


Every once in a while, we like to do taste-tests with our Best Express staff. It’s our way of injecting some fun into our daily work life and is a lovely excuse to munch on some of our favorite products. For this tasting, we took inspiration from a recent shot taken for our Instagram feed featuring an almond butter spread on our Paleo Bars. It got us thinking: what else could we layer onto our snacks? This question eventually led us to clear the nut butter and spread aisle shelves at our local Trader Joe’s, as we picked up everything from sunflower seed spread to cashew butter. We loved all of the spreads and nut butters we taste-tested, but some went better with our snacks than others. Below are some of our staff’s favorite combinations. Enjoy!  

Aussie Bites + Speculoos Cookie Butter


This stuff should really come with a warning label. Something along the lines of: “caution, one spoonful may lead to binge-eating fueled shame.” It’s good on just about everything, but when spread on top of our Aussie Bites, it’s life changing. Trader Joe’s describes it as, “a deliciously unusual spread reminiscent of gingerbread and made with crushed biscuits,” but we described it as, “oh, wow,” because both our Aussie Bites and the cookie butter live in the goldilocks zone of not too sweet, but sweet enough, the underlying flavors of each—honey and oats from the Aussie Bites, and molasses and spices from the cookie butter—go amazing together without being overwhelmingly sweet. If you love cookie butter, try it on an Aussie Bite!

Honorable mention:


We also loved sunflower seed spread on our Aussie Bites because of the added depth of flavor it provided. We picked up an unsweetened version, so if you’re not one for sweets, you’ll likely enjoy this duo. A quick note about the texture: this was the most runny out of all the spreads we taste-tested, so we recommend serving with a spoon.

Paleo Bars + Cashew Butter


If we had to choose just one word to describe cashew butter, it would definitely be creamy. The salted cashew butter we selected was rich, nutty, and equally easy to both dip into and spread. Although its flavor seemed to get lost when paired with some of our other snacks, we found that this cashew butter went amazingly well with our Paleo Bars. The slight saltiness of the cashew butter balances the honey from our Paleo Bars, allowing for the flavors of each to shine through. 

Honorable Mention:


If you find a certain chocolate hazelnut spread too sweet, cocoa almond spread is for you. We discovered this delicious Nutella alternative when looking for a hazelnut paste or spread, and once we tried it on our Paleo Bars we knew it was a keeper. You can’t really go wrong with chocolate and almonds!

Coconut Bites + Cocoa Almond Spread


Chocolate Coconut Bites anyone? Yes, please! The previously mentioned cocoa almond spread was best paired with our Organic Coconut Bites. Truth be told, chocolate and coconut just go really well together, but something about this creamy spread really brought out the coconut flavor in our bites. Same goes for texture, the combination of shredded coconut and velvety smooth almond spread are a must-try!

Honorable Mention:


For a more toned down and overall neutral snack, try adding sunflower seed spread onto our Organic Coconut Bites. This spread tastes just like its name would suggest: sunflower seeds! Again, we chose an unsweetened version to go with our bites to keep things from getting too sweet.

Do you have a spread or nut butter favorite? Drop us a comment on Instagram and let us know! 

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— Best Express Staff

Carolina Diaz