Best Express Foods, Inc.
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About us


Read on to learn about our history, what we believe in, and why you keep coming back for more.







Best Express Foods is a recognized leader in quality and value across the country and abroad. Located in Northern California, our independently owned Bay Area bakery has built and grown its business based on the ground of making good food more convenient, and convenient food into higher quality, with first-rate value and service. 

We are known for creating our most popular products, Aussie Bites (now available with organic ingredients), Sunrise Energy Bars, Petite Cinnamon Rolls, and lastly, but not least, our line of tortillas and tortilla chips.

Through an expanding customer base and great brand recognition, we will continue to grow our business throughout the retail and wholesale sector while creating lasting relationships along the way.



Our mission is to produce the best quality baked-goods in AN environment that is safe, clean and friendly for both our employees and the community. The integrity of production is based on our commitment to innovative growth and development. We strive to deliver nothing but the freshest products with the finest ingredients, and carefully developed recipes. We are committed to creating customers for life through great tasting food. 



Best Express Foods was born in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1989 when Jesus Mendoza wanted to challenge himself by setting the bar for quality baked goods. Having worked in restaurants across the Peninsula, and using his home dining room as a workspace for recipe development, Mr. Mendoza was able to produce the core products for a family business that would one day become successful.

The Stone Ground Corn Tortilla Chips were the first of many creations rooted into the company's soil, using just the simplest ingredients. From there, tortillas, breads and pastries all followed suit.


Today Mr. Mendoza still proudly carries the company’s weight on his shoulder and continues to DEVELOP AND test recipes out of his own home.